5:00 PM


GEORGE CRUMB     Processional (1983)  

                                                            Gilbert Kalish


BÉLA BARTÓK           Romanian Dance No. 1, Op.8a (1910)

                                                            Dasha Bukhartseva


CLAUDE DEBUSSY   Étude 7 pour les degrés chromatiques

                                    Étude 11 pour les arpèges composés (1915)           

                                                            Amalia Reinhart


GEORGE CRUMB     Nocturnal Theme from Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik (2001)

                                                            Dasha Bukhartseva


GEORGE CRUMB     A Little Suite for Christmas (1979)

                                                1. The Visitation

                                                2. Berceuse for the Infant Jesu

                                                3. The Shepherd's Noël

                                                4. Adoration of the Magi

                                                5. Nativity Dance

                                                6. Canticle of the Holy Night

                                                7. Carol of the Bells

                                                            Alexandra LaMastra


CLAUDE DEBUSSY   Pour le Piano (1901)  

                                                1. Prélude

                                                2. Sarabande

                                                3. Toccata

                                                            Miki Aoki




GEORGE CRUMB     Zeitgeist, Tableaux vivants for two amplified pianos (1987)

                                                3. Monochord - Lentamente, misterioso

                                                            Sarah Barham

                                                            Moeko Chiyozaki


HENRY COWELL       Banshee (1925)

                                                            Ji Na Kim


GEORGE CRUMB     Makrokosmos I: Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac (1972)                             

                                                1. Primeval Sounds (Genesis I) (Cancer)      

                                                2. Proteus (Pisces)               

                                                3. Pastorale (from the Kingdom of Atlantis, ca.10,000 B.C.) (Taurus)

                                   4. Crucifixus [SYMBOL] (Capricorn)

                                   6. Night-Spell I (Sagittarius)

                                   7. Music of Shadows (for Aeolian Harp) (Libra)

                                   9. The Abyss of Time (Virgo)

                                   11. Dream Images (Love-Death Music) (Gemini)

                                                12. Spiral Galaxy [SYMBOL] (Aquarius)

                                                            Gilbert Kalish (1)

                                                            Christina Dahl (2)

                                                            Ji Na Kim (10)

                                                            Elizabeth Dorman (3,4,6,7,9,11,12)


BÉLA BARTÓK           Sonata for Piano, Sz. 80 (BB 88) (1926)       

                                                1. Allegro moderato

                                                2. Sostenuto e pesante

                                                3. Allegro molto

                                                            Mikael Darmanie


7:30 PM

BÉLA BARTÓK           Eight Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs (1920)

                                                1. Molto moderato

                                                2. Molto capriccioso

                                                3. Lento, rubato

                                                4. Allegretto scherzando

                                                5. Allegro molto

                                                6. Allegro moderato, molto capriccioso

                                                7. Sostenuto, rubato

                                                8. Allegro

                                                            Christina Dahl


HENRY COWELL       The Voice of Lir (1917 )          

                                                            Yu-Ting Huang


CLAUDE DEBUSSY   Préludes, Book Two (1912-13)

                                                7. La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune

                                                8. Ondine

                                                            Arielle Levioff


GEORGE CRUMB     Otherworldly Resonances for 2 amplified pianos (2002)

                                                1. Double Helix

                                                2. Celebration and Ritual

                                                3. Palimpsest

                                                            Corinne Penner

                                                            Nhi Huynh




GEORGE CRUMB     Makrokosmos IV: Celestial Mechanics

                                    (Cosmic Dances for Amplified Piano, Four Hands)

                                                3. Gamma Draconis (1979)

                                                            Anna Betka

                                                            Mikael Darmanie


BÉLA BARTÓK           3 Hungarian Folk Songs from Csík (1907)

                                                1. The Peacock: Rubato

                                                2. At the Jánoshdia fairground: L'istesso tempo

                                                3. White lily: Poco vivo

                                                            Dasha Bukhartseva


HENRY COWELL       Aeolian Harp (1923)

                                                            Dasha Bukhartseva


GEORGE CRUMB     Five Pieces for Piano  (1962)

                                                1. Quasi improvvisando

                                                2. Ruvido, molto energico - Prestissimo

                                                3. Notturno: sempre pizzicato

                                                4. Ruvido, molto energico - Prestissimo

                                                5. Senza misura, liberamente

                                                            Laura Davey

                                                            Emely Phelps


BÉLA BARTÓK           7 Sketches Op. 9b (1908-1910)

                                                1. Portrait of a Girl

                                                2. Seesaw

                                                3. Lento

                                                4. Non troppo lento

                                                5. Romanian Folk Melody

                                                6. In Walachian Style

                                                7. Poco lento

                                                            Calvin Hu

                                                            Jeanette Ojala


GEORGE CRUMB     Makrokosmos II: Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac (1973)

                                    Part 1:

                                                1. Morning Music (Genesis II) (Cancer)

                                                2. The Mystic Chord (Sagittarius)

                                                3. Rain-Death Variations (Pisces)

                                                4. Twin Suns (Doppelgänger aus der Ewigkeit) (Gemini)

                                    Part 2:

                                                5. Ghost-Nocturne: for the Druids of Stonehenge (Night-Spell II) (Virgo)

                                                6. Gargoyles (Taurus)

                                                7. Tora! Tora! Tora! (Cadenza Apocalittica) (Scorpio)

                                                8. A Prophecy of Nostradamus (Aries)

                                    Part 3:

                                                9. Cosmic wind (Libra)

                                                10. Voices from "Corona Borealis"(Aquarius)

                                                11. Litany of the Galactic Bells (Leo)

                                                12. Agnus Dei [SYMBOL] (Capricorn)                                                                                 

Kyungwha Chu